Our Swans and Flowers at the Nayara, Arenal Costa Rica

As my good friend, Kelly Shea of Kelly Shea Travels says, you can’t VIP yourself…. Even with 10 years in the travel industry under my belt, I am still amazed at how true this statement is!

Like many of you, I prefer at times to take my destiny into my own hands, plan every detail, schedule every activity, and pour over every hotel before I book—that’s why I became a travel agent.  The problem is, however, that you can’t VIP yourself.  It’s like being in a conversation and saying, “don’t you know who I am???”  9 times out of 10, they don’t and quite frankly, they don’t really “care” who you are.  And….it’s a little awkward asking for special treatment for myself….you know….”what can you give me special?”  It comes off as a little…well…shady….and cheap!

If, however, while making your travel plans, a third party (and a third party with some influence) says to the hotel, “This is Becky’s honeymoon, I want it to be extra special for her….she is a good client of ours…can you do something above and beyond??” then the request has a more positive outcome.  After all, you can’t VIP yourself.

Candle Light Bubble Bath Compliments of the JW Marriott Guanacaste Staff

While on my honeymoon last September, I was reminded of this time and again when my Virtuoso Onsite, who helped me with arranging private drivers, spa appointments, tours, hotel stays, romantic dinners and the like, designated me and The Man and VIP’s.  I cannot tell you the joy I felt walking into upgraded hotel rooms, champagne chilling on the counters, having fresh flowers, candles, and cute towel art hearts, swans and flowers on my bed.

It meant so much having the hotel manager greet me to ensure all was going well and to suggest that The Man and I have a hot stone massage or a Costa Rican volcanic mud massage—on the house.  Our drivers greeted us by name and congratulated us on our marriage and sought to help us with our every need —-  oh, you are VIP’s….let’s stop and see the monkeys playing in the trees on our way to the hotel…you need help finding a soccer jersey for your son….let’s see where we can find one…no extra charge…no rush…after all, you are a VIP.

Good Golly, it was tough to come back to the real world!!!   This is what I do for my clients…this is what my Virtuoso onsites do for my clients – we give you VIP status…because, after all, you cannot VIP yourself.