The Fam in Key West

Oh those family reunions……the times where everyone sits around and talks about the good old days…..  Why not mix it up a little bit??  On our last family vacation, we tried something new—A photo scavenger hunt.

With today’s smart phone technology, Scavenger Hunts are a snap to organize and execute.  Our family divided up into groups and set out on a “treasure hunt” for specific photo ops.  Since our vacation was in the Florida Keys, the hunt had a pirate theme.  We took group photos with pirate statues, the Lost Shaker of Salt and, of course, Mile Marker 0.

We visited Hemmingway’s home, the Truman Little White House and the Key West Lighthouse.  Our group visited famous bars such as Captain Tony’s Bar, the oldest bar in America with a real tomb inside the bar, Margaritaville and Sloppy Joes where Hemingway drank.  We found the famous Blue Heaven restaurant and visited Mallory Square.  At each find, our team was required to take photos with our group.  Some items were easy to find, and some, such as the “man in uniform” at Truman’s Little White House, required a little creativity.

Mile Zero in Key West

After our time was up, we gathered together for the scoring and to share our photos.  The photos were the best part!!!

It was a glorious day in Key West and our scavenger hunt made our day trip exciting and memorable!