The Man and I have a yearly tradition of taking a fabulous short break before the holidays set in. The exact date varies a smidge based on our calendars, but it’s typically sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The short break of four or five days give us time to recharge between holidays, have a bit of fun, and put our toes in the sand while consuming buckets of champagne, margaritas, pina coladas….

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I often hear how the holidays are exhausting and family can be problematic—you go over those same conversations and experience the same situations year-after-year. Think of this: it’s much easier to deal with Aunt Sally’s Rheumatism or Uncle Joe’s un-PC comments while sporting a tan from Aruba—just sayin.

Of course, the tradition of travel doesn’t have to be for the holidays: it can be during the harsh winter, for your birthday, every May Day—whatever floats your boat—figuratively and literally. I have friends who travel each year for their birthday. It makes the trip extra special and gives them something fun to plan in the dregs of winter….or dream about during that four-hour meeting about your next meeting.

Here are the benefits for creating the tradition of travel:

  • You have yearly memories. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my Facebook Memories this time of year because I see fun photos of all our travels. There is just something empowering about saying the words “Our yearly pre-holiday getaway!” One almost feels like a Rockefeller!
  • You will do it!!! This is the greatest benefit! How often do we “hope” to get away and then never do?? If it’s a tradition, you are more likely to start the planning process (the actual purchase is not the problem, it’s the pre-planning part that hangs most people up…more on this later).
  • It becomes easy to invite others along if you have a yearly trip.  The invitation just flows better in conversation:  V and I take a yearly vacay for my birthday…ya’ll should join us!
  • You plan ahead more—both in asking for the vacation time off and purchasing the trip. This saves stress and money. You know in January that you are traveling for your birthday in October—easy peasy!! Since you plan earlier, the prices are (typically) better—especially when it comes to air fare!!
  • You have a time each year to reconnect and restore.  This is so important!!!

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Here are some tips to creating a yearly travel tradition:

  • Decide it’s going to be a tradition. Sounds a bit elementary, but many times we shy away from this commitment. Make it a Thing!
  • Plan early, plan early, plan early! This is true especially if your travels fall on peak travel times (Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Spring Break, Fall Break, Early Winter, etc). Many times, you can put down a deposit and pay the remainder at your leisure until you are about 45 days out (ish).
  • Put the date on your calendar in January. That makes it a Thing and you can always revise if needed.
  • Use a travel professional to help you. They typically charge a fee (I know I do), but if the thought of sitting in front of the computer for ten hours, twenty hours, fifty hours, keeps you from planning a fabulous getway, it’s time to get some help!! It takes only a quick email or phone call to get the ball rolling.

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Remember: studies show that we are more productive when we take time out for ourselves. For me, traveling before the Christmas revelry officially begins recharges me so I can better love on my family. I am rested, relaxed, tanned, wined and dined, and ready for Santa.

Recent travel stories make for engaging small talk at holiday cocktail parties!!

It’s all a win-win!!

Becky is a Virtuoso Travel Agent in Roswell, Georgia specializing in independent and engaging adventures with a food and wine focus.  

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