Silver Galapagos

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The best things about being a travel agent are the travel seminars, trainings and updates we receive from our supplier partners.  It’s like spending your day watching travel shows and reading travel mags.  It’s glorious!

Last night, we enjoyed dinner and an update from our Silversea Cruise line rep, Maggie.  Maggie had an exciting announcement — Silversea will have a dedicated ship in the Galapagos starting this fall.  Hooray!!!

Silversea is an upscale, service-oriented cruise line offering spacious suites, butler service across all cabin levels and inclusive of all fine dining and drinks.  Sailing on Silversea is unlike any cruise experience you have ever had!!  The suites come with a refrigerator, a bar stocked to your preferences, down duvets, Pratesi fine linens, your choice of a soft or firm mattress, a marble bathrooms with shower, and luxurious bath amenities.  All 24 suites on the Silver Galapagos offer large private verandas or panoramic windows.

The Silver Galapagos has open seating dining with contemporary European style cuisine using local ingredients and fresh seafood.  South American and specifically Ecuadorian cuisine are featured on the menus.  Guests may choose between the Hot Rock grill focusing on local seafood, a Pool grill with its salad bar, grill menu and pizza/pasta menu and the main restaurant offering a traditional Silversea style menu.  Of course, guests may also take advantage of the complimentary room service.

But the Silver Galapagos is not about the ship—-it’s all about the destination!!!  People come to the Galapagos to experience nature at its finest and most creative!!

Here are some quick facts about the Galapagos:

The Galapagos offers unparalleled wildlife viewing.  View sea lions, boobies, gulls, giant tortoises, sea iguanas and penguins….just to start!

One may snorkel in the Galapagos to come face-to-face with the diverse sea life.

The Galapagos is a year-round destination.  You will find the weather comfortable and the babies arrive at different times of the year.

The region offers dome volcanoes, strips of black lava, blow holes, parasite cones and dramatic rock formations.

The best thing, though, is the expert expedition team and complimentary adventures ashore.  Silversea will provide complimentary water-resistant backpacks and stainless steel water bottles to keep your valuables safe and your body hydrated.  Kayaks are offered as an optional activity and all moments will be captured during excursions via video and photos—so you can enjoy the experience without worry that you will miss a special moment.

Call today to get more details on this exciting Galapagos offering!  317-805-5746 or email me at

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